Dental Assisting

Dental Assisting Jobs

There are many routes you can take as a trained and certified Dental Assistant. Many Dental Assistants go on to work at a General Dentist’s office, however many will choose to assist at a specialty office. Specialty offices include the following:

  • Orthodontics

  • Pediatric Dentistry

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Endodontics

  • Periodontics

  • Prosthodontics

  • Hospital Dentistry

Some Dental Assistants will choose an administrative path and work at the front desk, become an office manager, or even become an executive in a Dental Service Organization (DSO).


The bottom line is the skills you will learn and develop as a Dental Assistant will become invaluable for you to become an integral part of a dental team or to advance in the industry on the administrative side.