Dental Assisting

Why Should You Become a Dental Assistant?

Right now there is a shortage of qualified Dental Assistants and the law of supply and demand makes that very favorable for the Dental Assistant profession. 


Dental assistant job openings are on the rise because the general population is aging and growing. This means more people will need preventative dental health care and general dental health care, which will lead to dental practices opening or expanding.  This means more dental assistants will be needed to meet the demand.


Here are some statistics about dental assisting….


or $19.27/hr was the median pay in 2019


number of dental assisting jobs in 2019


projected job growth between 2019-2029


projected employment change from 2019-29

Investing in Your Future

The dental assistant field is growing much faster than the national average pace (4%) for most professions. Because of that, dental assisting a steady career choice with lots of opportunity for growth professionally and personally. 


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